Kansas Lifespan Respite Coalition
Kansas Lifespan Respite Coalition

You can make a difference by supporting caregivers.  Here's how!

How to advocate for the KLRC

The first step is to join the cause!  Become a KLRC member by filling out an application here.  Being a member of the KLRC includes the following benifits:

  • Keep up to date on all the latest conferences, meetings, and other local events.
  • Have instant access to all the resources you need to make a difference in your community.
  • Network with other Kansas organizations on how to make a difference in your areas, as well as on a national level.
  • Help the KLRC back legislature on forming a statewide respite care program.
  • It's free to join!

Once you are a member, keep up to date on our current advocacy involvements and find out how you can help by checking out our calandar of up-and-coming events here.  To donate, contact the KLRC by clicking here.

How to advocate in your local area
You can use your organization to advocate for a statewide respite care system by finding your local legislator here .  However, being a local advocate for respite care doesn't always require political action.  Take small steps to make a big difference in your community! Give your local caregiving organizations the financial support they need to continue the level of care providing your community deserves.  Or most importantly, dontate your time by becoming a volunteer or by working as a caregiver. 

How to be a national advocate
Finding your local legislator is the most important step you can take towards nationally advocating a respite care program. Also, by being a member of the KLRC, you will have access to a variety of networking resources to get in contact with organizations in your community, throughout the state, or in neighboring communities throughout the country.  For a list of advocacty events happening throughout our nation, click here.


Join the KLRC in building a statewide respite care system!

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