Kansas Lifespan Respite Coalition
Kansas Lifespan Respite Coalition

Mission of the KLRC

To promote access to and use of respite care for all Kansas caregivers through community awareness, public/political advocacy, education, and collaboration, by providing a statewide respite care system.

Objectives of the KLRC

  • to educate those responsible for and in need of respite care.
  • to connect existing resources that provide respite services.
  • to explore and obtain funding to better provide respite services.
  • to locate training options for those interested in providing respite care.
  • to identify gaps within care programs and develop strategies to address these gaps.

History of the KLRC
A small group of professionals began conversations about forming a group focused on respite care services in the state of Kansas.  This group would work to develop and provide a statewide respite care system.  In May of 2007, a organized summate was held for Kansas caregivers and organizations using grant money recieved.  Speakers at the summit included Jill Kagan (Director of the National Respite Coalition), Rose Ann Percival (Programs Manager for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services), and Nebraska Senator Dennis M. Byars.  The result of this statewide summit was the formation of the Kansas Lifespan Respite Coalition.

Under the guidance of Gina Ervay (Executive Director of the Respite Outreach Care for Kansas Organization) and it's members, the KLRC continued regular meetings, and in 2008 wrote a grant and recieved $12,000 in funding to assist the coalition with community engagement and continued development.

In addition to the grant, the KLRC was successful in drafting a Lifespan Respite Care Bill and introduced it to the Kansas Ways and Means Committee in March of 2008.  Though the KLRC's memebers testified in support of the bill, unfortunately the bill did not make it past the committee during the legislative session.

The KLRC plans to continue its development and mission with its second annual Kansas Lifespan Respit Summit in November 2008.  Though there is no paid KLRC staff, the Coalition currently has 50 members and continues to grow.

Who's Involved
See a list of our current Coalition members by visiting our "Links and Resources" page.


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